Saturday, 28 March 2015

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

                This week was very exciting, and I was captivated to witness the tremendous amounts of Early Childhood Communities of Practice within the National and Federal level. This research has definitely opened my eyes not only to all of the wonderful programs and organizations established to meet the needs of children and their families but also to the many career possibilities that will be available to me as a Master’s graduate. I am extremely passionate about the early childhood field but had never considered the selection of jobs that support the well-being of children, families, and the early childhood field. 

The first organization I investigated this week is the National Children's Advocacy Center. The website explains that they work to respond to and prevent child abuse through education, service and leadership.  Their community of practice includes agencies, law enforcement and the courts to respond in a timely matter to child abuse issue, as well as, train others to deal with the problem of child abuse  I chose this organization because it encourages organizations to work together to protect children from abuse. There are several employment opportunities that would interest me within this organization. They include prevention director, development director, or intervention director. All of the direction positions require at least five years of experience within the organization. I would also need to have excellent oral and written communication skills and a passion for the advocacy of children and their families.

The second organization I decided to discuss is one that we have already examined in depth throughout this program. Zero to Three is a non-profit organization that began in 1977. They offer excellent resources and embrace a collaborative effort by reaching out to families, parents, and professionals alike. The website is full of resources for a variety of people and purposes, including journal articles, research and even a public policy kit. Under the careers section they state:
“ZERO TO THREE can provide the opportunities and challenges you need to excel. Ours is a truly multicultural and diverse environment, one in which the exchange of ideas is encouraged and where innovation thrives. We're at the forefront of early childhood initiatives. As an organization, we have experienced great growth. We currently employ over 100 staff members. We offer competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits package, and a pleasant work environment”.

After investigating the current available positions, one that appealed to me is that of Program Manager, Resource Development. As Program Manager, I would be responsible for supervising two senior research analysts/writers and provide guidance, reflective supervision and direction. I would need excellent knowledge and experience with the infants and toddlers, Early Head Start program, child care programs and systems, including Family Child Care as well as at least five years of successful program or project leadership experience and supervision.
Finally, the last organization I examined is one that relates directly to me within Ontario Canada, Child Care Ontario. This organization supports the needs of early childhood educators in their passion and endeavor of working with young children and their families. They collaborate with the elementary education panel regularly in order to bridge the gap between early childhood education and kindergarten. As a previous kindergarten teacher this employment opportunity is one that I am most eager to pursue. I would love to work for this organization as a consultant, planning curriculum or training between both fields as I am experienced in both. Unfortunately no positions were listed at this time but this is definitely an organization that I will continue to pursue in the future.


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Jennifer Pore said...


I found this assignment fun and invigorating as well! It is hard not to mention Zero to Three or NAEYC in any of our assignments for sure. In reading your Blog it certainly sounds as if you were ignited about the prospect of having the opportunity to use your experience in helping to navigate the gap between Early Childhood and Kindergarten? I would encourage you to keep a watch on this organization, who knows, maybe a position will open up at just the right time? I wish you well.

Jenn Pore`

Tonya Ward said...

Thank you for sharing the organizations you researched and sharing your passion. I found your information very informative.

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