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I am so lucky having had so many people in my life contribute to my personal childhood web. Those who influenced me the most would have to most definitely be my parents. They shaped who I am with guidance, praise, encouragement, discipline and unconditional love. My mother is the best mom anyone can ask for. She ran herself ragged for the sake of our happiness. She kept everyone fed, clothed, clean and organized. Although she worked full-time and shift work as a nurse, she always made time to take us to activities, read, paint pictures, make play dough, sew elaborate costumes and cheer us on at every skit, recital and concert. She is the most giving and kind person in the world and she has taught me so much. My father and I used to butt heads when I was growing up and everyone said that it was because I am just like him. I didn't realize how true this is until recently. My dad taught me the importance of always trying your best. He always helped with projects and homework even into the wee hours of the morning. He is such a big kid. He always had the most creative and intricate ideas for school tasks. My dad is a perfectionist and this is a trait that he has passed down to me. He has a witty sense of humor and a huge heart. Over the years I have figured out that he is a softy and would and does do anything for his children. My dad is my rock. I turn to him for advice and often reassurance when making decisions. I am so lucky to have the greatest parents in the world. I have taken them for granted and often haven’t fully appreciated everything they do and have done for me.
My dad and I carving a pumpkin at Halloween
My dad and I making a snowman- Go Jays! 

My mom and I at the park
 Growing up my immediate family lived very far from our extended family. As a result, I didn't have very close relationships with my aunts, uncles or cousins. We would visit yearly and although I loved them and enjoyed visiting with them very much, I never felt like we knew each other all that well. I was however very lucky to have an amazing babysitter who filled this role. My “auntie” Gwen was exactly that to me. She treated me as she would her own family. I was very close with her kids; we would have movie nights and sleepovers, bake and play games.

  The next two people who have shaped who I am today are my brother, Shane and my sister, Autumn. Although they are my younger siblings they have supported me, laughed with me, played with me, hung out with me, (drank with me- yikes) and have loved me through it all. We have been on many adventures and although our relationships have evolved and transformed as we have all grown up I know that we will always stay close. My brother is five years younger than me and still protects me and bosses me around. He gives great advice and when he isn't picking on me he is a very supportive listener. My little sister is eleven years younger! We went from having a mother/daughter type relationship to becoming true sisters and best friends. She is one of the best people to spend time with and I love her very much. I am so lucky and truly grateful for everyone in my life who has helped to mold and shape me into the person I am today.
My brother and I after trick or treating
My sister and I on a family trip 

Presently my family still has a great influence on my life and the decisions and choices I make. I talk to my parents and siblings weekly and can count on their love and support through any situation, good or bad. My parents have taught me morals and values that I still live by today and hope to one day teach and pass down to my children. They are the reason I am who I am and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me.  

Family trip

My dad and I at my University Graduation


Preschool teacher said...

hello Rhiannon...I like your blog site!!

mrsbyrd517 said...

You did a wonderful job on you childhood web. I enjoyed reading it, me and my dad bumped heads alot too but he always said it was because I was a girl and he had to be stronger with me

sarahfipps said...

I love your page. My aunts and uncles lived in other states and we weren't close as well. My father also tried to be tough but he's a real softy.

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