My Favorite Children's Book


There are so many great children’s books out there so it was very difficult to narrow it down. My favorite, however, would have to be “The Great Kapok Tree” by Lynne Cherry. I used this book with older school aged children when I taught grade 2. I loved it because it worked so well with the Ontario Curriculum and also provoked so much thought among my students. The story offers various perspectives of animals living in the rain forest. They are all pleading with a man who has been sent to chop down their home, a great kapok tree. This story was a catalyst to discuss endangered animals, write points of view for other animals not showcased in the story, non-fiction reading to research different species of animals, many art projects and even drama and music.


A story about a child who particularly touched my heart is one of a little girl that I taught in elementary school. She had so many issues at home and yet she always had her work done and always gave 100%. She was way too grown up for her age because she had to be. At seven years old, she was more mature than both of her parents and was able to take care of herself because she had to. She was that student that I wanted to take home and care for myself because she deserved so much better. It truly broke my heart. Finally, she was sent to live with her grandmother which was a blessing. 


mrsbyrd517 said...

I have read many children books but yet to come across this one. It seems like a great story I must get it for my school age classroom.

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