Thursday, 16 January 2014

Relationship Reflection

"Human relationships, and the effects of relationships on relationships, are the building blocks of healthy development" (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000)

My personal relationships are extremely important to me because they are the people in my life that I lean on for comfort, support and encouragement when things get tough, and they are the people in my life that I turn to, to share triumphs and joys. I am so truly blessed to have so many people that I love and depend on and who love me back unconditionally.
My Parents
My mom and dad have made me who I am today. I am a grown woman and I have been living on my own for over ten years and yet I rely on them for so much. I call up my mom regularly for advice and my dad is my voice of reason when things get tough. My parents have always supported me and yet allowed me to take chances and have commended me for my successes and have offered me support when I needed them the most. My parents taught me and instilled in me through their example the values, morals and beliefs that I live by today. I think one reason my parents and I have such a healthy relationship is because my parents allow me to live my life without interfering. For that reason I want to share my life with them because they trust and respect my judgement.

My Boyfriend
I am in a committed relationship with my boyfriend. We share a life and a home together. Our relationship is truly a partnership because we make decisions and work things out as a team. He supports me and my decisions and I support him as well. We have many common interests and truly enjoy spending time together. He is honestly my best friend and we show each other unconditional love and respect. Even when times get a little rocky we both know that we are committed to one another and that there is love at the root at every dispute.

My Siblings
I am lucky to be very close to both my brother and my sister even though there are huge gaps in age between us. My brother is five years younger and lives quite far away. We make it a point to speak to one another on a weekly basis to catch up and keep in touch. He often calls me for advice and while he was in University he often called me to edit his work lol! My little sister is only 17 years old and she and I are best friends. She lives about four hours away but we talk and visit often.

My Friends
Although my boyfriend and I have many friends together, I think it is important to have friends that I can spend time with on my own and vice versa. I am lucky to have a small tight knit circle of girlfriends who work in the same profession. They therefore understand work frustrations better than anyone else in my life. We offer each other support, an ear to listen and at times even a shoulder to cry on. We have many common interests and enjoy spending time together.

I think a huge challenge for me in maintaining relationships often relates to friendships. I have many friends who I still hold dear who have moved away or are beginning new chapters in their lives (having children etc.) These distances or responsibilities often make maintaining relationships difficult. Relationships often change and when huge changes impact someone’s individual life their needs and wants may change as well. I think that although I have grown apart from some friendships I am very fortunate that I and most of the people in my life are able to communicate their feelings and needs openly.
I found the last question for this week very difficult to answer. It did, however, make me think of attachment and the children in my classroom. I am lucky to have formulated a very close bond with the people closest in my life but I do see children who have not yet formulated these bonds with their parents and caregivers.